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ˇ        successfully managed all phases of I.T. development and I.T. operations for business and government, completing projects on time and on budget

ˇ        team player who gets along exceptionally well with all levels of staff and management.


"[Gerry Lowry] will make a great contribution to any company"

Ian Muir, Controller, Musket Transport Ltd., November 2007


TESTIMONIALS (these open in a new window)

Ian Muir, Controller   ·   Rob Hindley-Smith, Human Resources Manager


ˇ        over 12 years senior level I.T. experience

ˇ        guide and mentor to teams of developers, end-users, and support staff

ˇ        architect of business systems for a wide spectrum of applications including accounting, financial, human resource, manufacturing, service, and transportation

ˇ        tenacious problem solver who meets difficult challenges

ˇ        excellent verbal and written communication skills





ˇ                    managed two year pilot project for centralization of purchasing of hardware and software for geographically dispersed departments

ˇ                    managed hardware and software support staff for a major computer vendor mandated to deliver pre- and post sales support to the financial sector

ˇ                    responsible for defining and tracking all tasks related to the implementation of GST across all departments (Apple Canada)

ˇ                    prepared proposals and evaluated responses to select vendors

ˇ                    specified and negotiated purchases with hardware and software vendors

ˇ                    managed deployment of hardware and software

ˇ                    managed I.T. support staff for municipal government

ˇ                    directed creation of inventory and budget control system

ˇ                    ensured budgets were not exceeded by individual departments

ˇ                    switched client from T1 to fibre optic network

ˇ                    liaised with customers regarding EDI and FTP services


Analysis and Design              designed the following:

ˇ                    mortgage system for a trust company

ˇ                    (and programmed) pension payroll system for a bank

ˇ                    distribution control systems for automotive industry

ˇ                    system for lease tendering

ˇ                    accounting system to bridge two internal IBM accounting systems to facilitate reconciliation of international shipments

Programming and Database

ˇ                    programmed in many languages, e.g.:  assembler, C/C++, C#, COBOL, FORTRAN, Java, Pascal, Perl, PL/I, RPG II/III, Visual Basic 6/.Net.; Internet technologies include ASP.NET  MVC, Ajax, xUnit, Moq, WebForms

ˇ                    designed schema, implemented, and programmed many databases including Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, Microsoft Access (all versions), dBase, RBase


Teaching and Mentoring

ˇ                    taught business systems analysis and programming courses at the community college level

ˇ                    tutored university and college students in C++, Java, Visual Basic

ˇ                    trained programmers in PL/I, RPG II, VBA, and Visual Basic

ˇ                    trained many end-users in Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Access, Outlook

ˇ                    trained I.T. professionals for MCSE certification

ˇ                    trained senior sales staff in use of contact management software

ˇ                    mentored design of system for government tendering department

ˇ                    mentored president of trucking firm in Microsoft Access


Computer Security

ˇ                    advised international business on protection of computer assets


Software and Hardware Support

ˇ                    provided graphical support for IBM business process renewal project

ˇ                    supported Microsoft server, workstation, and business application products, including Windows, Office, and Project

ˇ                    documented solutions and wrote articles for Microsoft knowledge base

ˇ                    supported senior management creating ad hoc reports using Access and Microsoft SQL Server 2005

ˇ                    responsible for creating and applying methods to select hardware and software products as corporate standards

ˇ                    implemented networking in French translation department

ˇ                    created script to standardize Novell network installation corporate wide

ˇ                    deployed secure exterior wireless network segments

ˇ                    deployed Windows 2003 server and initiated migration from Novell


Hardware and Software Sales

ˇ                    has reseller/partner relations with hardware and software distributors and vendors including Microsoft and Symantec




Apple Computer (Canada)                                                        6 months

Project Manager


Citicorp (Canada)                                                                        6 months+

Software Architect

General Motors (Canada)                                                          27 months

Sales Department Computer Analyst


IBM (Canada)                                                                                6 months+

Business Systems Programmer/Analyst


Microsoft (Canada)                                                                     13 months

Product Support Specialist


Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto                                     2 years+

Assistant Manager (pilot project to centralize I.T. purchasing)


Musket Transport Ltd.                                                                5 years+



Ontario Hydro                                                                               one year+

Hardware and Software Evaluation Specialist


Other (partial list):

Carling O'Keefe:  software systems support; responsible for training programmers in PL/I; designed and implemented maintenance free sales analysis system


Coca-Cola:  route accounting software (mainframe using PL/I)


Sears:  operating systems software (mainframe using IBM assembler)


Various clients:  static and dynamic web site design (HTML); networking (wired, wireless); automation of Excel and Word; ad hoc systems in Access




completed Ontario Senior Matriculation:  Dunnville & District High School


computer science courses:  Ryerson Institute of Technology, Toronto


various systems design and programming courses:  IBM, Wang


management skills courses and seminars:  third party training firms


PowerPoint, Windows, Word:  Microsoft


Counselling and Teaching Program:  Humber College


studied German (Goethe Institute, Toronto and Schwäbisch Hall, Germany)




                    ACM, IEEE Computer Society, British APL Association,
                    Alliston District Chamber of Commerce (Board Member)
                    Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce



Gerry Lowry 705-250-0112                                 e-mail: