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From beginning to end, I've designed and delivered systems that exceeded the needs of businesses large and small.  The broad range includes computer, financial, government, manufacturing, transportation, and other industries.  In addition to business systems, I've created computer operating systems components and tools for programmers. From heavy metal mainframes to the world-changing personal computer, over 20+ years, I've created user-friendly products that actually are user-friendly. The core of my design philosophy is that the result of the design must meet 100% of the needs of the users yet never frustrate them because they must live with the architect's design long after the architect has left the theatre.


With 20+ years of experience, I still call myself a programmer and I still strive to better understand my craft.  One of my greatest pleasures is giving back by mentoring my peers.  The best way to understand almost anything better is to help someone else grasp its essential concepts.  I'm also thankful to all of the great programmers of today and yesterday who've created the languages and tools that help us perform our day to day craft of cobbling together code into the applications that drive the economies of today's world.

Project Manager

On budget, on time, robust.  For Fortune 100 corporations and governments, I've successfully managed teams and projects. My decades of business experience coupled with my technical background contributes immensely to my ability to grasp all aspects of your needs for a skilled navigator who will keep your project focused and on the right track.